Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tea at the Pollinator Garden - Thursday October 7

We'll be meeting at the High Park Pollinator Garden for afternoon tea and planting this Thursday, October 7, 3:30-5:30 p.m. NOTE that this is the rain date - we were going to meet Wednesday, but rain is predicted while Thursday is supposed to be very pleasant.

If you haven't been there, there's a map that can guide you. From the restaurant in the park, go south (towards Lake Ontario) on Colborne Lodge Drive. A small drive called Hillside Road leads you to the buildings where the park gardeners work, and a paved walking path goes down past the rock gardens to our garden.

There will be tea and goodies! Those of you who can come, consider bringing any of these items:
 - a thermos of hot water, or
 - a few tea cups, or
 - some tea-time snacks, or
 - garden gloves and a trowel, or
 - a pencil!
You can help us out if you bring any of the above...we'll be having tea, viewing
the garden, planting some new plants and labelling some established ones. There
will be a few plant giveaways...

Traditionally one plants spring and early summer blooming plants in the fall. That's why I'll have flowers like bloodroots, violets, and columbines to plant. There will be some bloodroot tubers to take away for volunteers who help plant!

Oenothera missouriensis, Missouri Primrose
I'll also have some plants specifically for dry, sandy spots. Evening primroses work well there and have a very specialized bee that pollinates them. There will be a few other less known flowers to see and help plant.

And, there are still plants blooming - such as the sky blue aster, the willow-leaved sunflower, and the Meadow liatris.

Willow-leaf sunflower, Helianthus salicifolius
Liatris ligulistylis

Sky blue aster, Aster ooletangiensis