Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The amazing Louie Schwarzberg - fantastic pollinator clips

Louie Schwarzberg
I owe big thanks to artist Valerie Knapp for bringing the TED talk by Louie Schwarzberg to my attention. Mr. Schwarzberg does stunning time-lapse and high-speed filming, and in his upcoming film "Wings of Life" he turns his eye and his camera to pollinators and flowers. The film already premiered in France as "Pollen" but I don't think it has had a North American premiere yet.

The only way to do justice to his artform is to watch it. Click on the TED talk link above. It has a minute or two of him talking about the work, then 5 minutes of the lushest, most amazing imagery of pollinators you'll ever see. Personal favorites: the bee showering herself in pollen, the hummingbird doing barrel-rolls in the air as it chases a bee away, and the bat hovering over a cactus flower.

Schwarzberg filming monarchs
I visited Schwarzberg's site and was interested by some of his new ideas coming up and other things he has done. In particular, I paid US$2.99 to buy a copy of his film of flowers in motion, "Naked Beauty".

p.s. the pictures here are from and are covered by whatever rights that site asserts.

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  1. It's some very sublime footage. I'm very excited for this movie to open and wondering if I should get myself a better camera.